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Save 1% of the purchase price of your new build home. Offer valid January 1, 2018 until December 31, 2018

In order for you to be eligible for your 1% New Construction Home Rebate you will need to complete a rebate form that I will provide to you before visiting the new home community you wish to build in. I will need to accompany you to the new home sales office on your first visit and register you as my client.

TELL ME MORE....My Arizona New Construction Rebate Program will save you thousands of dollars. Here is an example, if you buy a new home for $300,000, I will rebate you back $3,000 at successful close of escrow. This rebate can be used towards upgrades, purchase price, closing costs or any other area allowable by your lender. A full accounting of the rebate will be on the settlement statement and fully disclosed to all parties in the contract. I must represent you as your buyer's agent and my service costs you nothing, it's free to you...it's just that simple.

BONUS...Full Service Representation! Many do not know that the friendly onsite builder representative is there to exclusively represent the best interest of the builder. When I represent you, not only will you get the rebate, but I will be there at the contract signing, during your walkthroughs, at the closing table and even at your new home delivery...representing YOU exclusively. Full service representation that costs you nothing and saves you thousands, now that’s what I call a win/win proposition with Susan Nicholson!

Fill in the contact form or call me now at (623) 680-6820 to get started with your Arizona New Construction Rebate.

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